Length of Stay for Childbirth

The birth of a baby is a very exciting time and we would like you to have the best possible experience. If you have an uncomplicated pregnancy, you will be admitted to hospital just before you give birth. The number of days you will spend in hospital after having your baby will depend on whether you have a vaginal delivery or a Caesarean section. Most patients stay a little longer in hospital after a Caesarean section.

It can be reassuring to know how long you will spend in hospital after your baby is born. The graph below shows the average length of stay at Flinders Private Hospital for childbirth. The length of stay in other Australian public and private hospitals is also shown. Many patients choose to stay in hospital for as long as possible after the birth, particularly for a first baby, however it is important to note that you are free to go home earlier if you choose to do so. If you and your baby are well and your baby is feeding properly we encourage families to return home as soon as they are comfortable so they can begin the bonding process between parents, baby and siblings.

Women having a baby at Flinders Private Hospital and other Australian private hospitals stay longer in hospital than patients in Australian public hospitals.

For more information about maternity services at Flinders Private Hospital, see: Flinders Private Hospital Maternity Services


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