Babies with a Healthy Apgar score

Following the birth of a baby, the doctor/midwife assesses the baby's overall condition, including breathing, heart rate, colour, activity and temperature. A score known as the “Apgar score” is used to measure this, one minute and five minutes after birth.  The highest Apgar score is 10.  The five minute Apgar score is regarded as more important than the 1 minute score because it is believed to be more reflective of the baby's overall health.

At Flinders Private Hospital we measure the Apgar score for every baby born. This graph shows the percentage of babies born at Flinders Private Hospital that have a healthy Apgar score five minutes after birth. The rate for the past 5 years is shown in the yellow bars. This is compared to the rate in other Australian hospitals. (the grey bar). A healthy Apgar score is defined as a score of 7 or above.

The graph shows that the percentage of babies born at Flinders Private Hospital with a healthy Apgar score is higher than other Australian hospitals.

More Information

Each of the five areas are given a score of 0, 1 or 2, to make a total Apgar score of up to 10 points.



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