Flinders Private Hospital is fully accredited by the Australian Council on Health Care Standards (ACHS) Evaluation and Quality Improvement (EQuIP) standards.
Accreditation involves a visit to the hospital from an independent team of expert health professionals who review the quality and safety of services provided. Our achievements are measured against best practice by this review team.  Hospitals are measured against over 40 separate criteria including Patient Care Planning, Medication Management, the Consent process, Medical Records, Infection Control, Complaints Management and Staffing.  Hospitals receive a rating for each one of these criteria.
For hospitals accredited by ACHS, a higher level of award is sometimes given – this is referred to as “EA” or “extensive achievement”.

This chart shows the proportion of “MM” ratings achieved by Flinders Private Hospital for the most recent accreditation survey conducted.

There is no comparison figure available at present for the percentage of MM ratings awarded in other Australian hospitals.

Flinders Private Hospital is accredited jointly with the other hospitals from the Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance Incorporated (ACHA). This group comprises Ashford Hospital, Flinders Private Hospital and The Memorial Hospital.  

Flinders Private Hospital received a full three-year accreditation following organisational wide survey against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards in August 2013, gaining Met with Merit (MM) ratings in four of the Standard’s Actions:

  • Reviewing of the risks associated with receipt, storage, collection and transport of blood and blood
  • Reducing the risk of incidents arising from the use of blood or blood product control systems
  • Monitoring of blood and blood product wastage
  • Minimising wastage of blood and blood products

The surveyors were impressed with Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance (ACHA) staff focus on patients, clients and carers. Staff demonstrated their commitment to the provision of quality care and cohesive team work in all aspects of clinical care reviewed. The hospitals are all well maintained and welcoming for patients and visitors.

Flinders Private Hospital’s commitment to quality improvement is ongoing, and current projects include:

  • Implementation of a Consumer Engagement and Participation framework
  • Continued focus on the implementation strategies for Patient Centred Care
  • Focus on improving discharge planning processes
  • Improvement to Medication safety practices
  • Improving systems to assess, manage and care for patients with cognitive impairment, delirium or dementia


Other Awards

In addition to accreditation, Flinders Private Hospital is proud of the recognitions of excellence bestowed on its hospitals and staff. 

Examples of recent awards are:

2015 Healthscope STAR award
Flinders Private Hospital Green Team awarded the STAR AWARD for Responsibility and their Innovation in Stainless Steel Recycling

2013 SA Health Falls Awareness Month - Highly Commended Award
Flinders Private Hospital

2011 Healthscope Service Excellence Award Green Team
Flinders Private Hospital


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