Cardiology & Chest Pain Centre

Flinders Private Hospital can accommodate any cardiac condition, offering a full service in Cardiac Surgery, Cardiac Intervention, Cardiac Medicine and Cardiac Rehabilitation. We provide a service to all metropolitan and rural areas with a facility to accept air retrievals. Our co-location with the teaching hospital, Flinders Medical Centre, ensures best medical practices in Cardiac Services.

Chest Pain Centre (CPC) for Private Patients

  • No referral required - Call 08 8275 3347
  • For acute chest pain or cardiac related symptoms 
  • Immediate assessment and diagnosis 
  • Cardiologist on call 24/7 
  • Cardiac Medical Officer on site 24/7 
  • Acute intervention including angiography and angioplasty 24/7

Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic (RACPC) for Private and Public Patients

Patients require a doctor’s referral - Call 08 8275 3347
The Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic has been created by Flinders Private Hospital’s Cardiologists to provide a fast cardiological assessment service for patients with new chest pain. The clinic operates Monday to Friday during normal business hours. Patients will undergo basic clinical assessments such as ECG, exercise tests, chest x-ray and bloods. The objective is to reduce waiting times for assessment and reduce the risk of cardiac morbidity and mortality. Patients with acute chest pain or other associated symptoms suggestive of a heart attack or acute coronary syndrome should attend the Chest Pain Centre.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Phone: 08 8275 3755 
Fax: 08 8275 3566 

A Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is a great way for patients to learn more about the heart and exercising, in a friendly and supportive environment. The program has been designed by our professional cardiac rehabilitation team for you and your partner or support person, to discuss ways to modify your risk factors for heart disease and participate in a range of carefully considered exercises to help you get on the move and enjoy life again with safety and confidence.

The first hour is an education session on heart related topics, followed by a one- hour exercise session with a physiotherapist and cardiac nurse.

When and Where

Flinders Private Hospital conducts a six week cardiac rehabilitation program on Wednesdays from 1.00pm to 3.00pm. Sessions are held on Level 2 of the hospital and in the gym at Flinders Medical Centre.


A balanced diet is the basis of good health. Our dietitian will provide you with detailed information about “heart friendly” foods, those that should be limited and how to better understand food labelling.


Our pharmacist will advise you on correct management of your medication.

Make a Booking

Bookings are essential. A member of the cardiac rehabilitation team can reserve your place in the program before you are discharged from hospital or you can book by returning the booking form by mail or fax.

For further information contact:

Flinders Private Hospital
Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator
1 Flinders Drive
Bedford Park, SA  5042
Phone: 08 8275 3755
Fax: 08 8275 3566